Typical View Run in Merida

Typical neighborhood in Merida.

Typical neighborhood in Merida.

To give a glimpse of what it is like for me to train in Merida, Mexico, I thought I’d take some quick pics while I did one of my recovery runs in the late afternoon.  Normally, I train it the early morning before sunrise and I’m not one to take photos. Since I am trying something new by documenting my experiences in running, I decided to forego my lack of photography.

The roundabout to nowhere.

The roundabout to nowhere.

As you’ll see through these shots, this is as pretty as it gets around here.  There are no trails, hills, or public parks to run in.  All my running is on the streets–not even on sidewalks because in much of Latin America, sidewalks are not publicly maintained and are instead the responsibility of the property owner.

Try running on that sidewalk on the left.

This results in terribly maintained sidewalks that are dilapidated, broken, uneven, and downright useless. It really makes me miss Luxembourg.  Yet rather than get hung up over it, I try to use it to my advantage by using it as mental preparation.  All the monotony of running similar routes in the city forces me to find peace within my mind.  I truly feel that helps me for runs of five or more hours.


The tallest buildings in the city.

During my 100 mile run, I never had any issues with being bored or restless. I found that zone of just “being in the moment.”  I’m a firm believer of taking whatever situation life hands you and trying to figure out how it can help you. I focus my energy on growth rather than obsess on what I don’t have available.  Would I love to have trails, hills, mountains, and lush nature to train in?  Of course!  But I don’t so I must be creative.

One of the few runable sidewalks in the city.


Smiling because it feels good to be back running again! Notice the crumbling sidewalk behind me.


Country Towers apartments.


This project has been going on for at least 3 months. Not much progress.


I’ve run this stretch at least 30 times in eight months.


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